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Bamboo Flooring Toxic

Bamboo Flooring Toxic

The safety of the bamboo floor is not only determined by how we make the surface always clean from dust and dirt accumulated by a vacuum cleaner, mop, or special broom. Many of us want to install bamboo as our floor coverings but feel a doubt whether it is safe for family health or not. Many rumors say if the bamboo flooring is toxic. Actually, any floor is not all safe especially if we involve the adhesive in the installation process. However, the special glue or adhesive used for the floor is an important component in the floor installation process. The adhesive is usually applied to glue the bamboo floor with the bottom either directly on the floor or on certain media such as foam. Although it will dry out over time, toxic substances will occasionally expose to indoor air or to the floor surface itself when the adhesive is applied. This can happen in some cases, for example, is the increase in the moisture that drives the substances in the adhesive content out of its dried substrate and rises to the surface of the floor. Events like this will make the floor toxic even before it is safe to use.

Some types of adhesives with solvents, phenol, and formaldehyde are also worth watching out for. Solvent organic solvents contain volatile compounds into the air and are toxic. When it is applied, the compounds will turn into gas leaving the dry glue solids. So the nature of toxicity will decrease over time. The characteristic we can observe is the stinging smell when glue is used and disappears gradually as it dries. Unfortunately, although many organic compounds evaporate into the air, some of them will usually still linger on the glue layer that has dried up. At times, this substance can turn into a gas that will poison the air in the room. Of course, this gas will endanger the health of the inhabitants of the house. If you use an adhesive that has dangerous chemical contents then some harmful disorders that can be caused include skin allergies, mucous membrane disorders such as respiratory, eye, mouth, and so on. This material is also suspected carcinogenic (causing cancer).

To get a well-preserved health and bamboo floor you want, then it is good if you use a safe adhesive. This factor should be addressed by focusing on several things such as:

  1. The type of solvent used
  2. The content of heavy metals
  3. Other harmful chemicals

With the absence of organic solvents, heavy metals, and other toxic materials, the bamboo floor will certainly be safer. The beauty of a typical bamboo floor you can certainly enjoy without fear of toxic substances that endanger health. Another solution that you can apply, in addition to you using a secure adhesive, you can also use bamboo flooring that has been equipped with the system “click”. This system does not require glue or nails to tape one board with another. However, the price offered is, of course, more expensive.


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