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Bamboo Flooring Vs Tile

Bamboo Flooring Vs Tile

Are you planning on replacing your home floor coverings? Or are you building a house? One of the most important sides of a house is the floor. The presence of beautiful floors can add to the aesthetics of a room. Among the many choices of floor coverings, there are two types of floors are equally beautiful. Both are bamboo and tile flooring. Although both are equally beautiful, they are different. Bamboo flooring has a unique and natural beauty, while the beauty of tiles can be created. Then, which of bamboo flooring vs tile is most suitable and most beautiful to be installed in your home? Check out the tips below.

Bamboo flooring is created from the original bamboo so you will still get a unique natural look, unique, and exotic. The colors available can be customized with the interior color of your room design. Generally, bamboo flooring is present in yellow, light brown, and dark brown. The resulting pattern is also different, for example, the bamboo floor can produce patterns like tiger skin. It is known as strand woven tiger bamboo. Many homeowners love the look of this bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring has advantages such as it is very strong to be able to withstand loads up to 2 tons. However, it is not suitable if installed in areas exposed to direct sunlight and areas with high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Tiles have beautiful but unnatural patterns. The patterns are produced from machine molds with colorful colors. So the price offered is certainly cheaper than bamboo flooring. In addition, the tile has a harder surface so it is quite dangerous for those of you who have active toddlers. Similar to bamboo flooring, tiles are also easily scratched especially if you choose to use tiles that have slippery or patterned surfaces. Tiles are also strong and able to withstand heavy loads but not as strong as bamboo. The tile is easily broken if it is given a very heavy load. Therefore, you should use tiles in certain places such as bedroom and living room. Tiles are also not good if used in kitchens and bathrooms. Tiles have grout that is easily soiled if stubborn stains are affected.

Actually, to care for bamboo flooring and tiles is the same. Here are some tips you can do to get a beautiful bamboo or tiles flooring:

  • Take off your shoes when you are inside the house. You will never know if there are gravels stuck on the shoe so it causes scratches when you step.
  • When you will move furniture such as cabinets, chairs, and tables, then you should pick it up rather than shifting it.
  • When cleaning the surface of the bamboo or tile, use a broom with a soft brush. Nylon broom is best for bamboo flooring.
  • If you have a pet that likes to play on the floor, then you should be ready to monitor your pet so as not to scratch the surface of the floor that can cause scratches. If bamboo flooring has deep scratches until it becomes damaged, then there is no other way but to replace it with a new floor.


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