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How To Clean Glass Shower Doors Without Vinegar

How To Clean Glass Shower Doors Without Vinegar

Caring for and maintaining the cleanliness of the bathroom especially in the shower area is a must. The usual problem if you use a shower is the glass becomes blurry, crusty, or moldy. Using chemical products purchased at the store sometimes makes us worry whether the ingredients in them are safe or can create scratches on the glass shower. In this article, we will share alternative materials that you can use. Vinegar is known as a multipurpose natural ingredient. In addition to vinegar is often used for a mixture of cuisine, it can also be used for cleaning purposes. However, excessive use of vinegar is not good for glass. In addition to vinegar, there are actually other ingredients that you can also use. The following material is very safe and does not harm your shower and your health. Then, how to clean glass shower doors without vinegar?

Toothpaste is one of the natural cleansers that can be a choice. It can work well to remove crust and mold on the glass shower door. This cleaning activity can be done once a week as a routine cleaning because toothpaste is safe for glass. It is easy to apply. Here are the steps:

  1. What you should prepare first is to choose a toothpaste without bleach and a soft fabric. Avoid using coarse brushes, rough fabrics, or carpet pieces. This is so that the fabric you use does not scratch the glass. Prepare also warm water.
  2. Wet the fabric and wring it until it becomes damp.
  3. Then, apply toothpaste on the glass. You do not need to wet the glass doors first. Wipe the pasta using the cloth in one-way or circular motions. You do not have to put pressure on wiping it.
  4. After you finish this stage, rinse the shower glass with warm water. Wipe it with a dry cloth to see if it is clean or not.
  5. If you still find stubborn fungus or crust spots, repeat the steps above.


  • If you find mushroom spots that start to look, immediately clean them. If the spots are left, then the fungus spots will be stubborn and more difficult to remove.
  • After you have finished bathing, flush the glass doors using clean water. The attached soap will harden and turn into a crust.
  • If forced, in addition to using toothpaste, you can use a glass cleaner. However, make sure the ingredients are safe to use.
  • Using vinegar is actually not a bad idea. However, you should pay attention to the amount of vinegar dosage you will use. We recommend making a mixture of vinegar and warm water with a 1: 1 ratio. Add also a small amount of liquid soap and mix the three ingredients in a spray bottle.
  • If the dull on the shower glass is stubborn and can not be removed using the materials above, you can hire an expert to ask for a help.


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