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How To Clean Mildew Off Shower Doors

How To Clean Mildew Off Shower Doors

Using a glass door to limit the shower area is the main choice. The selection of glass, in addition, can add to the aesthetics of the bathroom, it is easier to clean than you use a curtain. When you decide to use a glass door, then there is one thing that will probably happen often. Wet and cold shower conditions can make the air in it moist. Humid air can cause mold to form on the glass door of the shower. The presence of mold must be very uncomfortable for us. Moreover, if the mold is left then it can cause itching if it concerns the skin. Therefore, it is very important to clean the glass door of the shower on a regular basis. Then, how to clean mildew off shower doors? There are 2 simple and easy ways that can be done. The first way is to use a glass cleaner that you can find easily in the store and the second is to use natural ingredients that are mixture of vinegar and warm water.

If you want to try a natural way then all you have to do is make a mixture of warm water and vinegar with a ratio of 1: 1 in a bottle. The dose of each liquid you can adjust to the needs. Spray the solution on the shower door and use a microfiber cloth to wipe it. Do it repeatedly if needed. If you are done at this stage, wipe the shower door using warm water once more. Finally, dry the entire surface of the glass door by wiping it with a clean and soft microfiber cloth.

If the stain is still stubborn mold, you can spray directly vinegar on the stain. Let stand for one minute before you rub it. Perform a one-way rubbing or circular motion. This movement is done to avoid scratches on the shower door. After the door dries, repeat the cleaning by wetting the shower door with warm water. Dry the door so that the fungus does not grow.

A few simple tips you can do to prevent moldy shower doors is to open the doors of shower and bathroom. Let the air trapped in it out. If your bathroom has a window, you can also open it for a moment after you have showered. By opening the doors then the air circulation in it becomes more smoothly. Walls, floors, glass or shower doors mirrors in the bathroom will avoid moisture and certainly hamper mildew growth. The most important thing is when you find the fungus spots begin to form, immediately do the cleaning. If it is allowed, then the fungus will be difficult to remove. If it has happened, your shower door will look unsanitary, not beautiful, and uncomfortable to look at.


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