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Tile Flooring For Garage

Tile Flooring For Garage

If you have a vehicle then you must have a garage. One of the crucial things of a garage is the floor cover. As a homeowner, you must realize that you have the right garage floor. You should know if the floor you use should be strong enough to be able to withstand the weight of your vehicle. Choosing the right tile flooring for the garage is a must. Among the many types of flooring available, tiles are one of the most appropriate types of flooring for garages. Actually, there are two popular tile types: natural stone tiles and ceramic tiles. The most suitable tiles for garage floor coverings are natural stone tiles. This tile is made of marble or granite. Tile flooring has a stronger and harder texture so it is not easy to break and crack. Plus, natural stone tiles are resistant to moisture and water. Indeed, natural stone tile has a very expensive price because it comes from the original rock that is cut into pieces and formed into a floor tile.

Meanwhile, another type of floor that is quite popular is ceramic. When you choose a ceramic, make sure you choose a surface that is not slippery and shiny. Also, choose a ceramic that is intended as a garage floor because this floor has a better endurance than ordinary ceramics. Ceramic flooring has a very wide variety both in terms of pattern and size. Even now, with the development of printing technology, the ceramic display can be made with the three-dimensional pattern. The disadvantage of this type of tile is it is easier to crack when it is not able to withstand heavy loads. Therefore, ceramic tiles are cheaper when compared to stone tiles.

In addition to tiles, there are several other options for tile flooring for the garage, they are, first is floor plastering or cement floor. It is a type of floor covering that is suitable to cover the floor garage with a very cheap and affordable price. This floor model is a composition of cement and sand that produces a strong floor. To make it stronger, you can coat it with concrete. Create a floor with a thickness of 8-10 cm. To save costs, you can apply wet cement which then you create a kind of groove or certain patterns to make it more interesting. Plus, adding certain patterns using epoxy paint is also a very good idea. You can make an abstract painting like marble on it.

Next is the paving block. This flooring is ideal for garage floor or carport because the texture is rough and sturdy. Paving blocks come in a variety of colors so you can be creative in arranging them and creating patterns. Its presence will make your garage look attractive.


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