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Tile Flooring Installation Near Me

Tile Flooring Installation Near Me

Tile flooring comes in many colors, motifs, and sizes that will beautify the look. To install it requires expertise and thoroughness to get perfect results. However, for a beginner can also learn to install the tile flooring itself. In the installation, there are several factors to note in order for proper and correct tile flooring installation:

  1. Determine the type of tile needed, whether for exterior or interior needs.
  2. Determine the floor area to be covered with tiles. It is recommended that the required tiles be excessively about 15% of the measured room area for parallel installation and 25% for diagonal.
  3. Determine the desired mounting pattern, whether parallel or diagonal. The diagonal installation will require more tiles because of the number of tiles to be cut on the edge of the room.
  4. Determine the color, size, and tile motifs tailored to the theme of your room or home.
  5. Determine the method of installation to be done, whether open join with grout width > 3mm or closed join with small grout < 3mm.

Before you start installing tile flooring, make sure first that the floor to be tiled is clean and flat from cracks or holes. If the ground floor has a hole or crack, then you should smooth or patch it first. After this stage is complete, prepare the necessary materials and equipment:

  • Tiles
  • Tile adhesive
  • Water pass aluminum
  • Cement
  • Tile cutter
  • Chalk
  • Tile separator
  • Measuring thread
  • Sponge
  • Gloves

Steps of Tile Flooring Installation

  1. Find the center point of the floor. The center point can be determined by measuring the angular crossing of one room to another using the measuring thread. Then mark the middle of the measured line. Finding the center is a top priority as this will determine where you should install the first tile and go to the next tiles. Begin to install the first tile from the center point toward one wall.
  2. Apply tile adhesive evenly on the floor. Apply adhesive only for 3-4 tiles so it will not dry quickly so the tiles can stick well.
  3. Place the tile on top and press down slowly.
  4. Use the tile spacer and continue the next tile installation.
  5. Use the water pass aluminum so that the height of each tile is aligned. If there is an uneven surface, then you can increase or decrease the amount of the tile adhesive.
  6. Measure the tiles to be cut by placing them on top of the last tile. Give spaces also for grout. You can make a mark with chalk on the tiles to be cut.
  7. Repeat step number 2 to 7.
  8. Allow for two days for the tile adhesive to dry completely.
  9. Fill grout with cement to fill the void or gap between the tiles. Clean the excess grout by using a wet sponge immediately before it dries out.


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