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Vinyl Plank Flooring Benefits

Vinyl Plank Flooring Benefits

The floor is an important part of occupancy. One of the popular flooring products today is vinyl flooring. Vinyl has 3 forms, namely vinyl tile, vinyl sheet, and vinyl board. Vinyl tiles have exactly the same look as tile, while vinyl sheets have a more varied style. The vinyl board, of course, has the same look and size as the wood plank In general, all three have the same shape because the three are similar stickers but the texture is thicker and placed on the floor. Therefore, all three also need adhesive to stick on the floor. The embossed decorative techniques produce more authentic looking surfaces such as the appearance of real woods, natural stones, and even certain motifs.

Vinyl flooring consists of four layers, namely: urethane protective coat that makes it easy to clean and scratch resistant; a transparent protective layer to keep it durable; layers of printed design, and fiberglass as the bottom layer. Often, vinyl flooring is accompanied by anti-microbial protection to avoid bacterial and fungal attacks. This does not require waxing and polishing for the final result. Many benefits are gained by homeowners when they choose this floor. Compared to other flooring materials with hard surfaces, vinyl flooring is softer, warmer, and more comfortable when stepped on. Then, what are other vinyl plank flooring benefits?

  • Vinyl flooring is easy to install

You can install it yourself even if you are a beginner DIY. With the knowledge that you can find on the internet, you will not find any difficulties. Installing vinyl does not require nails and other carpentry tools, but you only need glue. Keep in mind if vinyl flooring would be great if applied to a flat floor.

  • Easy to dismantle

Vinyl flooring is perfect for homeowners who are often bored or fond of changing different themes on home interior design. This is because vinyl is easily installed and dismantled without damaging the floor of the house. Vinyl floor shape tends to be more flexible to facilitate the installation and release process

  • It is easy to clean

To care for the vinyl floor is the same as the wood floor treatment is not use a wet cloth. Use a damp cloth and harmful chemical-free cleaners. If you spill colored liquids such as coffee or tea, wipe it immediately so it does not stain the surface.

  • Cheap price

One of the vinyl flooring benefits favored by homeowners is that it is cheap to obtain. Of course, this is because the material is synthetic. Vinyl has a variety of motives and even resembles a solid parquet often becomes its own appeal. Although the price of vinyl is cheap, it still promises an artistic and natural home look.

  • Anti termites and fungi

Vinyl flooring is durable. Because the material is made from synthesis, it makes it unwelcome by termites and fungi. Then you can have vinyl flooring for years to come.

Despite the many advantages of vinyl flooring, there are important things you should look at. Installation of vinyl in certain areas such as bathroom and laundry room is not recommended. It is feared that stagnant water can damage the adhesive layer making vinyl not durable.


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