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How to Care for Laminate Floors

How to Care for Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are one of the alternative flooring products favored by many homeowners. There are many reasons why this product is favored and one of the reasons is that laminate floors are very easy to maintain. The biggest enemy of laminate floors is the dust and dirt that accumulate. Imagine if your floor is rarely cleaned, what might happen? Scratches, stubborn stains until the appearance that turns into dull will make you very uncomfortable. Therefore, laminate flooring should care well to maintain the luster so it can last for quite a long time. Then, how to care for laminate floors? Here we provide easy tips for you.

In fact, vinegar is one of the natural ingredients that can be used as a natural cleanser for laminate floors. Adding vinegar can kill bacteria and germs on the floor. Although it is useful, you must be careful in making the dosage. If the dosage is excessive, then it may harm your floor. In addition, some people do not like the smell of vinegar. There is a trick you can use that is adding lemon juice/orange or you can also replace it with essential oil.5 Easy steps to care for laminate floors:

  1. Clean the laminate floor with a vacuum cleaner or dust mop to clean the dirt and dust on its surface. Make sure every edge of the floor is also clean.
  2. Prepare a half cup of vinegar and 2 liters of clean water in a bucket. Stir to keep the liquids well-mixed. Add lemon juice or essential oil (a few drops). You can use any fragrance such as lavender, lemon, pine, etc. Stir to mix all ingredients.
  3. Dip a clean cloth in the bucket and then squeeze it into moisture. Applying a wet cloth directly to the floor is not recommended as it may damage the laminate floors adhesive layer.
  4. Apply the damp cloth to the entire surface of the laminate floors.
  5. When you are done, continue wiping the floor with a dry cloth. This is done so that the floor can dry out quickly.


  • If you want to use floor cleaning fluid, choose one that is free of harmful chemicals. This is very useful if you or your family members have a history of allergies.
  • If you find a stubborn stain, do not clean it with abrasive, porcelain cleaner, or wire cloth. If this is done, then your floor will get a scratch that cannot be fixed.
  • Immediately clean the liquid that spills on your laminate floors. Use a soft cloth or tissue to clean it.
  • To avoid scratches, use an additional pad as protective furniture on the bottom of chairs and tables.
  • Place the mat on the entrance so that the pebbles that may stick on the shoe pedestals can be cleaned before they contaminate your floor.
  • One very important thing is to always do routine maintenance and cleaning one to two times a week.


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