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How To Clean Hardwood Floor Glue

How To Clean Hardwood Floor Glue

When you remove the carpet, it will leave glue stains on the surface of the hardwood floor. You cannot avoid it. Even the more irritating thing is that the glue will become very difficult to remove. Plus, the glue stains make your wood floor look dirty and dull. By rubbing it too hard it will create new problems. While using chemical fluids can also harm your floor.  Then, is there a safe way that can help us clean the glue stains? You need not worry. You can find cleaning fluids in the store. However, instead of using a cleanser that may contain harmful chemicals, you can use natural ones.  In this article, we share three easy ways about how to clean hardwood floor glue.

Before you start cleaning it, try it first by scraping it slightly using your nail. Note whether the stain is too sticky or easy to peel. If it is easy, then you only need a plastic knife to scrape it off with a mixture of warm water and dishwashing soap. However, if the stains are quite difficult to scrape, you can use the following two ways.

There are several types of liquids you can use: kerosene, fry oil, nail polish remover, and thinner. To use the liquids is very easy. Choose one of the liquids above and dampen a clean cloth using the liquid. After that, wipe it with a dry cloth. Then clean the floor using special cleaning fluid wood floor because maybe the liquid you use is sticky so it endangers you while walking. Rub gently with little pressure and in one direction. You should not use rough fabrics because you will create scratches.

The second way is evaporation. You can use a steam mop to remove it. However, if you do not have it you can also take advantage of your hair dryer’s hot steam. Try to wipe the glue with a plastic blade that has no sharp edge.

If both of the above methods do not work because the glue stick is too sticky, call an expert to help you. Few tips we can give. Take advantage of foam as a base for your carpet rather than glue. In addition, it is more secure your hardwood floor, it will not be damaged by glue.


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