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Narrow Living Room Layout Ideas

Narrow Living Room Layout Ideas

A long, narrow living room doesn’t have to look like a bowling alley! Here are 7 tips for … Decorating small spaces is something a lot of us have to do, but long narrow living rooms? That’s a … Breaking up a long narrow room with this type of sofa placement will definitely help avoid the tunnel effect. If you do …

Long, narrow living rooms can be a chore to lay out and decorate, not to mention live in. Nobody wants to feel like they’re entertaining in a train carriage or watching TV in a hallway. But with some layout tweaks and a few visual tricks up your sleeve, you can learn to love your long room. Here are five ways …

I’m struggling with the layout of my living room, which is very narrow (like, 8.5′ wide from the wall to the fireplace surround). It serves as a main traffic … option for the space. LAYOUT OPTION 2. Another idea if you want to keep your existing sofa and chairs, is to flank the sofa with the two Wassily chairs.

Need help with a small or narrow living room layout? Get expert tips on how to make your small living room layout functional and inviting.

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Well, unless you love the ambience of a bowling alley, the following tips for furniture arrangement in long, narrow spaces will give you rooms that are functional and don’t look like a tunnel. Contemporary Living Room by Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR. Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR. 2. 1.

For many inhabitants of studio apartments and small homes, the question is not just how to make the living room furniture layout work; it’s how to make it all work in a way that serves ten purposes while still leaving room to breathe. A living room is often the hub of a house, but when it’s cramped and narrow, …

Decorating a room that is both long and narrow can be a challenge; you don’t want the room to feel like a hallway or a bowling alley, and it can be difficu. … With that, we will be showing you 17 Long Living Room Ideas that might make you plan your layout from the doorway and work backwards into the room from there.


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