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Plum And Sparrow Moses Basket

Plum And Sparrow Moses Basket

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We often are asked about the functionality of a moses basket and what purpose they generally serve – so we thought we’d share more about the different ways a moses basket can operate!

Our Plum & Sparrow Moses basket has been Crew’s bassinet from Day 1. We paired it with a rocker & it sits right next to my side of the bed. When he was a newborn, it was super easy for me to lean over in the middle of the night & barely strain to pick him up for a feeding since the rocker put the basket at …

plum and sparrow moses basket. Dock-a-tot is perfect for an insert.

Being with your baby is an incomparable feeling, this is the reason why Dianna, from Plum and Sparrow has decided to turn baby’s Moses baskets into their favourite accessory. They helped her to have her baby with her all the time. Transport was quick and easy. Using this object as an inspiring resource …

First we have this moses basket from Plum & Sparrow which is amazing. It comes with a waterproof pad and a cotton sheet to put inside. Ruvim sleeps in it every night and for most of his naps. It is easy to carry it upstairs or downstairs so I can always keep an eye on him. My favorite part is how beautiful it is!


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